Leather/ structure/ colour

HOLZRICHTER products are from the date of manufacturing an original and it is used a beef or buffalo leather of first quality ( " Grade A " -Sorting ) . The leather is almost unsealed processed ( " finishing " ) and thus remains largely preserved in its original condition . A pocket is thus from the beginning a unique and makes them also particularly susceptible to the occurrence of a patina characterful - a hallmark of HOLZRICHTER.


Natural leather bears witness to the way of life of the animals and the original structure of the skins used . Scarring , insect bites , small scratches , wrinkles or abrasions are typical signs of a genuine natural material - traces of life in the wild.


Our photographers do their best so that colors are displayed correctly on images . Please understand that it may still be slight variations in color , because not every electronic device reproduces colors faithfully recreated . Our brown HOLZRICHTER leather can be referred to as " Camel " or " dark camel " . Our black leather featuring regularly by the expression anthracite grey shades .

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