Care & hints

Maintain the leather regularly , so it will be in resistance and developed an impressive patina . We recommend , for example, the traditional HOLZRICHTER leather fat which we attribute every order above 50 € value free . The colorless product is water repellent , moisturizing and makes heavy-duty leather soft and supple.




Also, before you use the product make sure that the bag is free of dirt and dust and remove it if necessary with a soft cotton cloth or a dirt brush. Massage the leather grease then with another , clean cotton cloth or an applicator brush sparingly in the dry leather . Test the application at best, in an inconspicuous place - so you realize early how the leather on the care product reacts and the intensity.


Please note that there may be a darkening of the leather by the application locally . Remove excess fat at the end - you can also use a Cotton Cloth for that. Remnants distributed by a leather brush optimally on the leather and penetrate the most immediate heat deep into the leather . Congratulations , your HOLZRICHTER bag is again well prepared for the next trip.


Experience shows that we can also provide the following care tips :

1. We recommend an alternative to HOLZRICHTER dubbin the use of impregnating or care sprays and / or maintenance products , giving the leather a moisture protection .

2.Note Always the manufacturer's specifications of care products.

3.Test the application of care products in front of a large contract in principle on an inconspicuous area .

4. Avoid that leather moisture or direct sunlight is exposed .

5. Store the product at best in a cotton bag and protect it against dirt and moisture

6. Do not dry , since this quickly leads damp leather by radiators or similar heat sources to dry .

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