Natural Leather


HOLZRICHTER processes original, herbally (chromium-free) tanned genuine leather, produced according to sustainable ecological standards – more tolerable for both man and nature. This demanding crafts puts its faith in a multitude of choice, natural materials, such as bark. The leather develops in a process lasting anything up to six weeks (by way of comparison: chromium tanning takes ca. 1-3 days). Only about 15% of global leather production is still undertaken in the classic manner, despite the fact that natural leather has a multitude of advantages.

High-quality natural leather

  • develops without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • bears a deep, many-facetted colour profile.
  • ensures, thanks to its long lifecycle, that you can take lasting pleasure in your product.
  • becomes a symbol of discovery due to its elegant patina.
  • is, by its very nature, strong and does not require any textiles to stabilise it.


HOLZRICHTER products are originals from the day of their manufacturing. Cattle, goat or buffalo leathers of the highest quality are used (“Grade A” sorting). The leather is (unless stated otherwise in the product description) processed practically unsealed (“Finishing”) and is thus to a decisive degree preserved in its original condition – a bag is thus a unique article from the very first day onwards. Natural leather bears witness to the way of life of the animals and to the original structure of the skins used. Scars, insect bites, small scratches, wrinkles or grazes are typical signs of a true natural material – traces of a life in the wild.



We refrain from using a multitude of additional finishes to the leather (e.g. the application of paints). Thanks to herbal tanning and the complex interplay of a large number of herbal extracts, natural differences in colours and the forming of a unique colour profile result. It is thus a particular characteristic of this collection that every HOLZRICHTER product is a one-off and any illustration merely shows a snapshot of an individual item.


naturleder_schwarz.JPGUntreated natural leather is particularly amenable to the formation of a characterful patina – presumably the most popular quality feature of an outstanding leather bag. Through regular usage, the leather develops an elegant, semi-matt look, culminating in an intensive, shining patina. Independent from its original colour, the leather thus subsequently becomes noticeably darker. This effect is further intensified and accelerated by our HOLZRICHTER leather grease (you may find further information on this under Care & Tips. 



Herbally tanned leathers are originally tougher than chemically tanned products. Regular usage causes the leather to become increasingly soft and smooth. Almost totally untreated natural leather may, at first, feel dry in places.



  • bears witness to the way of life of the animals and may show signs of scars, insect bites, small scratches, blemishes, wrinkles or grazes.
  • as a natural product, has an individual, multi-facetted and deep colour profile.
  • is originally tougher than chromium-tanned leather, but usage makes it soft and smooth.
  • is normally processed in an all but unsealed condition and therefore has, at first, a relatively matt
  • becomes noticeably darker as a result of the application of leather grease or leather oil and is lent an even, semi-matt sheen.
  • develops an intensive patina.
  • eceives, though the application of HOLZRICHTER leather grease (or comparable products), ideal
    protection against damp and dirt.


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