Leather care & hints

If you care for the leather regularly, it will maintain its durability and develop an impressive patina. We recommend our HOLZRICHTER leather grease. This colourless leather care product is water-repellent, moisturising and makes heavily used leather soft and supple. We recommend greasing your bag before the first use:


  1. Before applying any leather care products, make sure that the leather is free of dirt and dust and remove it with a soft cotton cloth or a dirt brush if necessary.
  2. Then massage the leather grease sparingly into the dry leather with another clean cotton cloth or a brush. At best, test the application on an inconspicuous area - this way, you can see at an early stage how the leather reacts to the care product and with what intensity it changes in colour and feel.
  3. After waiting a while, remove any excess leather grease - here too, a cotton cloth can be used.
  4. A leather brush distributes the residue optimally on the leather and penetrates deep into the leather due to the heat generated.
  5. Please note that the leather will darken in places due to the application.


Congratulations, your HOLZRICHTER bag is well prepared for the next trip.

From experience we can also give you the following care tips:

  1. As an alternative to HOLZRICHTER leather grease, we recommend the use of impregnating or care sprays and/or care products that provide the leather with moisture protection.
  2. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for care products.
  3. Always test the application of care products on an inconspicuous area before applying them on large surfaces.
  4. Avoid exposing leather to moisture or direct sunlight.
  5. At best, store the product in a cotton bag to protect it from dirt or moisture.
  6. Do not dry damp leather with radiators or similar heat sources as this will quickly dry it out.


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